The project is led by Jeremy Kidwell, but draws input and data from a wide range of practitioners, third-sector staff, and other academics.

Project Objectives

The project has several key objectives:

  • To develop sustainable data sets pertaining to community groups in Scotland, the UK, Europe, and beyond
  • To standardise metadata pertaining to geolocated community group
  • To improve existing data sets by adding community groups where they are not already present and improving the quality of metadata where they already are.
  • To generate an accurate, accessible, and open-access representation of community groups.
  • We aim to achieve all these objectives in a way that is reproducible, open-access, transparent, and sustainable.

Data Repository

In addition to our live cartoDB map, to aid in research citation we periodically deposit our different data sets in the Zenodo repository. You can give this a look here: mapping community repository on zenodo


University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT
United Kingdom