Community Groups

Welcome community groups! We want Mapping Community to be a resource for your group. Here’s what we can do for you:

1. Provide you with a range of different style web maps that you can embed on your group web page.

Sample map, all members of Scottish Communities Climate Action Network:

Sample map, chronological membership list for Development Trust Association Scotland by joining date:

Sample map, Development Trust Association Scotland with Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation overlay:

You can update your map in real-time as your members change, as well as update and chance your maps (labels, styling, etc.) using our cartoDB portal.

2. Help to make sure your membership is better represented on public maps and in scholarly research.

We are working with a range of scholarly researchers - based in government, universities, and embedded within practitioner networks - to make sure that their studies include community groups.

3. Help your members find other local groups

Local groups can sometimes feel isolated and they can use our maps to find other groups within different networks who may be working nearby. For an example, have a look at the range of groups represented in Edinburgh’s New Town area:

4. Provide you with location intelligence

Location-based intelligence can be a crucial tool for strategic planning. This project will provide visualised correlations between group location and a wide range of geospatial demographics. We will provide real-time, dynamically updating representations of whole networks and groups within local areas as they relate to standard demographics such as the Index of Multiple Deprivation, the Urban-Rural scale, population density, and a range of census-based statistics,


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